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Porza.nl: for all your car parts and cheap car materials in the Netherlands, Venlo and Eindhoven!
You can buy car parts for every brand and type of car online at Porza.nl. Order the parts via our webshop or in one of our physical locations Venlo or Eindhoven and you will receive the car parts within 24 hours. We deliver all orders above € 100,- for free within the Netherlands. Porza auto materials is a company that is actually also located in the Netherlands with several physical warehouses in contrast to many other web shops that are active in the Netherlands. In the Porza webshop you can find: catalytic converters, lambda probes, ignition coils, fuel pumps, gas springs, wheel bearings, brake calipers, drive shafts and many other car parts. All car parts are homologated and meet the quality and safety standards of the European Community.

The cheapest car parts for Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Opel, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, and Citroen can be bought easily and in many cases directly from our stock in the Netherlands.

For questions about your order or for advice in the field of car parts, please contact our customer service. You can reach us by email at [email protected], by telephone on +31 (0)85 401 1901 or visit our store in Eindhoven or Venlo.
Brake system Brake system
Components, Disc brake, Brake disc, Brake pad, High performance brake, Drum brakes, Caliper, Wheel cylinders, Wear indicator, Brake paste / Brake cleaner, Pressure accumulator / Warning indicator, Tools, Levers / Cables, Master brake cylinder, Valves, Vacuum pump, Parking brake, Brake servo, Brake power distributor, Brake lines, Brake light switch, Brake hose, Brake fluid, Brake fluid reservoir, Driving dynamics control
General tools General tools
Bitsets & bits, Ratchets, extensions, adapters & accessories, Torque tools, Hand tools, Compressed air tools, electric / cordless tools, Special motorcycle tools, Special tools for company cars and trucks, Special tools for passenger cars, Workplace equipment, Motor vehicle accessories, Personal protection, Industrial chemistry, House Garden, Socket wrench sets & tool case, Socket wrench bits, Tool trolley, Various
General General
General cleaners
Ignition / Glow System Ignition / Glow System
Spark plug, Spark plug cable set / connection parts, Glow plug, Glow control, Pulse generator, Suppression system, Ignition module / control device, Ignition coil, Control unit / Relay / Sensors, Switch, Series resistance, Distributor / components, Flame starter
Filter Filter
Fuel filter, Filter set, Hydraulic filter, Interior filter, Oil filter housing / gasket, Coolant filter, Air filter / housing, Oil filter
Engine Engine
Cylinder head / Body parts, Cylinders / Pistons, Complete / partial engine, Tools, Crankshaft mechanism, Air supply, Engine / safety bumper, Crankcase, crankcase, Engine management, Multi belt / Set, Engine suspension, Engine control, Gaskets, Lubrication, Exhaust gas cleaning
Suspension / damping Suspension / damping
Leaf springs, Tools, Air suspension, Level control / chassis hydraulic, Oil, Frame complete, Shock absorbers, Suspension Strut / Shock Absorber / Assembly Parts, Suspension Strut / Shock Absorber Suspension, Suspension
Universal Universal
Caliper Paint, Wheels, Connection piece
accessories accessories
Car cover / roof cover, Lacquer, Key cover / Housing, Nut, O ring, Roof rack, Bundle tape / Cable ties, Backrest, Gloves, Cleaning wipes, Child seats / car seat, Car Kit / Telephone, Cup holder, 12/24 volts, Trailer & Caravan, Audio, Security, Car exterior, Tools, Interior, Lamps, Outdoor, Bad luck en route, Transport, Winter, Awning, Car maintenance, Screws, Speciale Producten , Marten shielding, Lighter, Footmats
Air conditioning Air conditioning
Operation / Control, Compressor / parts, Capacitor, Dryer, Valves, Montage, Control unit, Relay, Repair kit, Switch, Sensors, Hoses / Pipes, Evaporator, Resistance
Axle drive Axle drive
Differential, Haldex coupling, Length of shaft, Oil, Switch / valve, Distribution differential
Fuel Management Fuel Management
Fuel filter / housing, LPG, Fuel cooler, Fuel Level Transmitter, Fuel tank / Accessories, Fuel preheater, Pressure regulator / Switch, Impulse damper, Valves, Pump / Accessories, Hoses / Pipes, Supply system, complete, Water sensor
Fuel supply Fuel supply
Carburetor system, Mixture, Air mass meter
Body Body
Rear of the vehicle, Emblem, Glazing / Mirrors, Mirrors, Gas tank / Accessories, Attachment point / Carrier / Frame, Cabin, Body Parts / Mudguards / Bumpers, Electric motor, Extra headlights / parts, Gas spring, Hood / Door / Door / Sunroof / Folding roof, Headlight / Parts, Lights, Passenger room, Radiator mounting, Ornamental / Security / Decoration panels / Emblems / Mud flaps, Vehicle front
Comfort systems Comfort systems
Tailgate mechanism, Hood operation, Central locking, Closer / door control, Motor / Relay, Engine pre-heating system (electronic), PDC / Reverse warning system, Pumps, Window control mechanism, Rain sensor, Speed control system, Parking heater, Seat heating
Electrical systems Electrical systems
Dynamo, Sensor / probe, Reverse switch, Battery Battery, Starter motor, CAN bus, Central electricity, Horn / Multi-tone horn, Control light, Alternator / Parts, Extra headlights / parts, Tools, Instruments, Cable set, Flasher relay / relay, Headlight / Parts, Lights, Light switch / Relay / Control units, Multifunctional relay, Multifunction switch, Reflector / side reflector, Control units, Relay, Sensors, Starter generator, Starting system, Fuse box / holder
Hybrid Hybrid
Cooling system
Information / Communication Systems Information / Communication Systems
Antenna, Audio system, Car navigation system, Communication, Instruments
Interior Interior
Armrest, Ashtray, Coating, Confirmation clips, Bottle holder, Tools, Lever / pedal operation, Instrument panel, Suitcase / loading space, Window control mechanism, To belong, Seats, Sun visor
Cooling system Cooling system
Anti-freeze / coolant, Radiator Leak, Tools, Cooling module, Air cooling, Radiator / oil cooler, Control unit, Relay, Switch / Sensor, Hoses / Pipes / Flange, Thermostat / Gasket, Fan, Water pumps / gasket
Coupling / Assembly parts Coupling / Assembly parts
Centering bearing / Pressure group, Pressure group, Tools, Hydraulic fluid, Torque / torque limiter, Coupling conversion set, Clutch control, Coupling housing, Clutch thrust bearing, Clutch kit, Clutch plate, Gaskets / Gasket sets, Torsion damper, Flywheel
Compressed air system Compressed air system
Damper, Pressure regulator / Accessories, Expansion vessel / Accessories, Valves / Compressed air system, Coupling head, Pipes / Connectors, Air Dryer / Cartridges, Brake / Work Cylinder, Green rooster, Test connection
Belt drive Belt drive
Timing chain / tension / lining, Dynamo freewheel, Flexible cable sleeve, Deflected roller / Deflection roller, Tools, Loose parts, Multi belt / Set, Reversing pulley, Pulleys, Belt tensioner, belt tensioner, Role set, Clamping arm, Tensioner roller, Toothed belt, Timing belt shield, Timing belt set - Timing belt set, Torsion damper, vibration damper, V-belt, V-belts / Set
Window cleaning Window cleaning
Windshield wiper fluid, Cleaning fluid pump, Window cleaning system, Switch / Relay, Spray water distributor, Water container / pipe, Wiper Arm / Confirmation, Windshield wipers, Wiper motor, Wiper rods / Drive
Steering parts Steering parts
Hydraulic oil compensation tank, Oil, Oil pressure switch, Control unit, Hoses / Pipes, Track rod, Steering / Parts, Steering arm, Steering damper, Steering angle sensor, Handlebar Cover Set / Seal, Power steering pump / Servo pump, Steering ball, Steering column / axle, Steering suspension
Towbar / Parts Towbar / Parts
Electrical components, Parts / Assembly parts, Control unit, Towbar
Exhaust system Exhaust system
Bend, elbow, manifold, Flexible Hose Exhaust, Pipe connection Universal, End silencer-middle silencer, Euro1 / Euro2 / D3 changeover, Heat shielding, Catalyst, Charger, Lambda sensor, Modification package, engine sound system, Mounting parts, Panel, Regeneration soot / particle filter, Resonator, Soot / Dust filter, Sports damper, Exhaust valve, Exhaust pipe, Exhaust system complete, Urine injection
Security systems Security systems
Airbag system, Belt system, Railway Assistant, Start interrupt, Warning systems
Locking systems Locking systems
Lock Tailgate, Central locking, Components, Door handles, Set of locks, Lock cylinder / set, Locks inside, Locks outside
Gear box Gear box
Manual gearbox, Gearbox, automatic
Heating / Ventilation Heating / Ventilation
Controls, Interior heat exchanger, Valves / Control, Cooling water preheating, Control units, Hose / pipe, Fan Motor / Parts, Heating valve box
Wheel drive Wheel drive
Drive shaft / cardan shaft, Bellow, Mounting parts / Accessories, Outer planetary drive, CV joint, Star Piece
Wheels / Tires Wheels / Tires
Tires, Counterweight, To belong, Rims
Wheel suspension Wheel suspension
Support arms, Ball joint, Axle carrier / Connection / Suspension, Stub / Repair kit, Wheel bearing, Tire pressure control system, Knuckle ball, Tools, Dome / Cross Steering Support, Track widening, Stabilizer / mounting parts, Support beams / bars, Wheel / Wheel Mount, Wheel bearing / hub, Wheel suspension